Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles actor LL Cool J interview

#NCISLA LL Cool J in an interview with Dan French, US TV Editor, of digitalspy.co.uk

With an all-star cast and a pretty solid link to a long-running procedural drama, NCIS: Los Angeles was always destined to be a success. Following an impressive premiere Stateside last year - 18.3 million viewers, don't you know - LA has landed a second run. Recently, we sent Digital Spy's California correspondent Adam Tanswell over to the set to have a word with rapper-singer-actor LL Cool J and find out what lies ahead for Special Agent Sam Hanna and the team.

For people who haven’t seen your show yet, how does NCIS: Los Angeles compare to the original NCIS?
"We're a spinoff of the original show, but we're based in the Office Of Special Projects, so we get to go undercover more and we deal with a lot of global threats. It's a different area of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. We try to maintain the wit, the banter and the humour of the original show, but there's a little more action and technology in NCIS: Los Angeles."

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