Monday, February 22, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles character Nate Getz

We've just seen the interview with Houston born #NCISLA actor Peter Cambor.

Now let's talk NATE GETZ.

What's your favourite quote of or scene with our team psychologist ??

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sindee said...

Regarding Nate some very good scenes come to my mind (random order):

- interview of Esther
- ping-pong match with Sam
- searching G's file in "Pushback"
- morning after the Karaoke evening

I also like his general concern about all of them which mostly lead to a funny scene with him and G/Sam or Hetty.

As for quotes none come to my mind right now (there are few but I'm not sure about the correct words...) so I'll come back later on that.

CU sindee