Friday, November 18, 2011

Location quiz

What happens in this silent place and in which episode ?? :-)

Picture in this post ©sindee.


Anatxu said...

Deeks cold water test of the canal :)
I think in the episode "overwatch"
right?? ¬¬

sindee said...

2x12 - Overwatch

"D-Unit in the water"... ;-)

CU sindee

bkbroiler said...

Just wondering what the location or area is !! Im going to LA real soon and wanna go visit and take a picture as well !! Please share . =]

sindee said...

there's a search box in the upper left corner of the blog... if you search for "location" you get all the locations we found so far... please be discreet when visiting those areas - we don't want people to be annoyed by the fans... thanks !!

Rockin' T.C. said...

Venice Canals in Venice California.