Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crimeleon (3x15) review by @mokibobolink for @TVEquals

Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles was like an enigma, wrapped in a mystery and surrounded by obscurity. The team is put on the case of a double homicide and soon enough they are working with Interpol and on the trail of a man only known as The Chameleon. The episode was called “Crimeleon,” probably because said chameleon was a major crime lord, while still managing to hide his identity from everyone, including Callen.

Turns out Callen caught the guy once before, but no one realized at the time who he was. Granger of course wants to blame Callen, and maybe even the rest of the team while he’s at it, but Hetty is having none of it, and defends them just as she always does. But that doesn’t really stop Callen from blaming himself and even he has to admit that this guy is good.

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