Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crimeleon (3x15) review DENSI-style by @phillydi

Happy Valentine’s Day to my NCISLA family! We get a honey of an episode from the same players that brought us The Job (one of my favorite episodes!). Written by Frank Military and directed by Terrance O’Hara, the team is after a chameleon –like killer who has been able to slip through the hands of multi law enforcement agents by brilliantly changing personas and skipping town. Callen was one of those law enforcement agents trying to track the chameleon down and with Granger breathing down the team’s collective necks; they are tasked to bring this criminal to justice.

Looks like Granger is blaming Callen on this one and if that isn’t bad enough, the guy is stalking the NCIS team. The Chameleon (Where have you been lately Christopher Lambert?) has broken out of prison and Callen has taken it on himself to catch him. Granger is going to be sure to hold his feet to the fire until he does. Callen knows he’s missing something but with Sam he figures out how the Chameleon has been fooling the authorities but they have no idea what he looks like because he can assume so many accents and identities. Callen admits he’s the best he’s ever seen.

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