Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chris O'Donnell - G. Callen

What do YOU like about our mysterious special agent G. Callen ??

Tell us why YOU should be named our #1 Callen fan... we might have a surprise for you... :-)


mariacallen said...

the way they work, their desire to excel and protection for others but not easy to see sometimes is a good friend as well and prefer to lose everything rather than a partner

Richtsje said...

What I like most? Well, his looks but most of all the fact that you, as a watcher, seem to feel a need to protect or rather comfort this guy, and help him to find his identity?
Really, I would have liked to be Tracy Keller :-)

AmbrosiaRush said...

I love him for his resilience, his loyalty, those baby blues and that rare, genuine smile. I love him for all the great one-liners, humourous comebacks and quick thinking.

Cashkend said...

Again it's all about the beginning of the show.
In Legend, the way he concentrates before entering the restaurant - the way he imagined a plan when the girlfriend of their suspect comes at his place: this was so smart! Then the trust in Sam in the garage...
And in Identity, the room ... almost empty - the G standing for... he doesn't know. Blue Eyes Mystery + Witty banter + his dark side, his rebel side hooked me...definitely!

Anonymous said...

Those baby blue eyes and that adorable smile that Chris O'donnell always evokes into Callen. Callen is an excellent agent and leader. He didn't have a good childhood but he hung in there and has a career that allows him to help people.

Anonymous said...

what's not to love? beautiful blues, beautiful face, Callen's heart , his toughness , his loyalty, his mystery. i would never leave him!

Anonymous said...

In general the fact that he is smart in the way he figures things out pretty fast (e.g. what the bad guys are up to), way smarter than his team anyway. How he interacts with Hetty. That he still has his secrets, even after 5 year being Sam’s partner. That he is a lone wolf, but when it is necessary he is there to help and support his team members.

Tamara said...

Special Agent G Callen. I'm enjoying the mystery of Callen's background and learning a bit more about him as he does makes the show more interesting. He is very invested in his team although he doesn't always show it. His banter with Sam is always comical relief. His character is general just draws you in...maybe the mystery behind it and also the actor who portrays him. Callen wears his heart on his sleeve and it sometimes gets him into trouble. Can't wait to see what happens in season 4 :)

Mako(onakasuitana) said...

What I love G.Callen.
He showed up as a mysterious man in "Legend". I thought he was a "cool guy type" charactor at first.
I was going on the idea that the undercover agent who didn't know own identity at al even his name.
So he got shot in Legend. It really surprised me. I wondered how they was going to tell his story.
G.Callen story fired my curiosity.
So I was getting realized G.Callen was not just a "cool guy type" charactor through NCIS:LA S1.
He was a very funny,childlike and unexpected type for me.
I mean he is not like a "lonewolf type guy" at all.
And I think he is sffectionate basically.
He often showed us the moment he could take care of someone.
That's why I love G.Callen so so much!