Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LL Cool J - Sam Hanna

What do YOU like about Sam Hanna ??

Tell us why YOU should be named our #1 Sam fan... we might have a surprise for you... :-)


AmbrosiaRush said...

Sam is the heart and brawn of the show, not to mention the anchor for Callen. Whats not to love?

Cashkend said...

It's all about why I found in love with the show: back in Legend & Identity.
Sam in his car waiting for G to get out...and pushing him away with his "when will you settle donw?" -- his face when he saw the weapon in the van -- his run, & the way he kept his fiend alive...
Then, in Identity, he pays a high pride for his non-believe in G's guts. He agrees being teased, he always looks at his buddy 's feelings - he worries...
I didn't know LL Cool J before the show, but i'm glad he plays Sam - with his eyes and smile, he is as tough as touching.

Anonymous said...

His loyalty and protectiveness to the people he cares about. You can always count on Sam Hanna to be there for anyone who needs help.

Tamara said...

Special Agent Sam Hanna, well he's the glue that keeps the team together, his loyalty, dedication, and charisma keeps fans coming back week after week. There is much we still don't know about him but for now I'm proud of the person we see each week. He would lay his life down for his partner G and Kensi...maybe not Deeks ;)but were getting there.

Mako(onakasuitana) said...

Why I love Sam Hanna.
At first I loved Sam Hanna cause of that he earned Callen's trust when I watched "Legend".
So I was getting realized he was also the unexpected type charactor for me through NCIS:LA S1.
He was not just a super hero type.
He often complains,takes out his anger on someone...specially Eric Beale.:p
He is not a perfect man.
And needlesss to say,I love his big hear and loyalities.
But,After all,The biggest reason why I love Sam hanna is that Sam is like Callen's mom and anchor! :)
Can't wait for season4!!

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